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Extreme winters can become a nightmare if your heating system is failing. Effective heating installation means a comfortable and cozy temperature for your home at all times. Hire an expert heating service provider to handle your heating installation if you don’t want to deal with expensive repairs and higher energy bills.

Wayne J. Pisanchyn offers several heating options, including electric furnaces, heat pumps, gas heating installation, and boilers. You can choose according to your preference and requirement or let us help you find the best solution to make you comfortable when the outside temperature drops.

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Why Choose Electric Heating?

Modern homeowners have a wide variety of heating systems. Electrical heating installation works on electric power just like your air conditioner. The system draws electricity and converts it into heat; these heating systems are without any exhaust as there is no combustion. An electric heating installation service will ensure that your home temperature will be maintained according to your preference. With innovation in electric heating systems, you will receive increased efficiency in very cold temperatures. 

How Much Would a Central Heating Installation Cost?

You may wonder how much would a central heating installation cost. Well, several factors will affect the final pricetag. Replacing a heating system usually costs around $5,500, but the expense can go up to $10,000 or even higher. 

If you currently have electric heating, you may need a heat pump installation, which is more costly than a gas furnace. The cost of a gas furnace depends upon its efficiency and size. Your home size will determine the size of the gas furnace. When it comes to a heating installation service, furnace efficiency depends upon annual fuel usage, the cost of the furnace increases as efficiency rating increases. Experienced contractors can guide you for the right size, efficiency, and brand for central heating that fits your requirement.

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