Professional Boiler Installation in Scranton, PA:

Whether you plan to install a boiler for the first time or you are looking for a trusted company to replace an old boiler, we are here to cater to all your heating needs.

Many properties in Scranton, PA, still use the radiant heating solution. You need a high-efficiency boiler installation when it comes to opting for a heating service. A boiler is the main element of your radiant system and an efficient boiler delivers quality service and reliable performance over time.

Whether you need oil or gas boiler installation, Wayne J. Pisanchyn Inc. Plumbing & Heating provides modern and efficient installation services. Boilers feature different venting systems such as fan-assisted, chimney-vented, and gravity-vented. They have various types of materials including cast iron, copper, and steel. With our expert boiler installation services, we ensure your comfort. By choosing us, get high-quality installation service in Clarks Summit. We are here to fix all your boiler problems.

How Much Does Boiler Installation Cost?

The right boiler installation is safe and effective for you. With a boiler, you will get years of good heating to your home, so it becomes significant to install it properly. Multiple factors determine the actual boiler installation cost. The type of boiler you choose and your requirement will be the main factor to determine the cost. If your boiler system is installed improperly, the costly investment can go to waste as you will be spending more on repairs down the road. Our professionally trained technicians will provide you with expert advice for effective boiler installation.

Usually, people choose hot water boilers and steam boilers. Both of these boilers work with the radiator to cater to all your heating needs. For boiler installation, you can choose the variant that perfectly meets your requirement and budget. A hot water boiler reserves hot water whereas a steam boiler boils the water to produce steam that heats your home. You can get boiler installation service in Scranton for any size, budget, and heat source including oil and gas.

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We’re One of the Better Boiler Installation Companies Out There:

Trusting professional boiler installation companies can help you achieve maximum efficiency. If you are looking for boiler installation experts in Clarks Summit, look no further. Wayne J. Pisanchyn Inc Plumbing & Heating offers customized boiler installation services according to your needs.

We believe in installing the best products to ensure long-lasting heating service. We work with trusted manufacturers to offer a wide selection of boilers that meets the individual needs of Scranton residents. We provide complete boiler installation, repair, and maintenance service in the following areas:

  • Lackawanna County: 

Clarks Summit



  • Eastern Wyoming County: 



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