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Did your water heater break down and leave you looking for the best water heater repair and replacement services in Lackawanna County? Wayne J. Pisanchyn Inc Plumbing & Heating is one of the most reliable emergency water heater service providers in Clarks Summit, Scranton, and the surrounding areas. If your water heater shows signs that it’s time for a repair or replacement, contact us and we will check it, repair it or replace it, and help you enjoy your precious comfort and peace of mind. 

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Signs That You Need Hot Water Heater Repair Services

Before breaking down completely, most devices will start showing malfunction signs. These usually depend on the type of device installed: gas or electric heater. If you notice any of the signs below, contact water heater repair services immediately, before the damage escalates and your device can no longer be repaired:

Signs that you need to contact gas hot water heater repair specialists:

  • Your heater does not heat the water at all
  • The water is not hot enough or doesn’t stay hot long enough 
  • The water looks “rusty”
  • Strange water smell 
  • Strange noises (banging or rumbling)
  • The heater is leaking

Signs that you need to contact electric hot water heater repair specialists:

  • The heater produces extremely hot water
  • The water temperature is lower than on the indicators and settings 
  • The water temperature drops quickly
  • Water has a “Rusty” look 
  • Whining, banging or rumbling noises
  • Foul odor

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your heater, get help immediately. If you schedule a service visit with Wayne J. Pisanchyn Inc Plumbing & Heating, you are on the right track! Our water heater repair specialists can come to your home, inspect your system, discover the cause of the damage, recommend the necessary repairs, and estimate the hot water heater repair cost. Depending on their findings, they may recommend replacement as a more viable long-term alternative. 

A plumbing technician in a hard hat during the water heater replacement process

When to Consider Water Heater Replacement

In some situations, the best solution for you and your loved ones to be able to enjoy hot water again is a water heater replacement. This usually happens in the following three situations: 

  • Your system is more than one decade old 
  • The repairs would end up more costly than replacement in the long run. 
  • Your system consumes a lot of electricity or gas and skyrockets your utility bills

Many homeowners postpone replacing their system because they fear the water heater replacement cost. While the costs can be a little high, depending on make and model, the new system usually ends up paying for itself by helping to reduce the utility bills. 

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