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If you like your home cool during the hot summer days, it is important to contact AC repair specialists, like us, at the first signs of trouble. If you wait for too long, the damage to your system may escalate to the point where repairs become impossible or the air conditioning service becomes prohibitively expensive. Here are the most common signs that it is time to schedule an emergency air conditioning repair:

  • Higher utility bills 
  • Lower cooling performance or airflow output
  • Short-cycling (on-and-off) of the AC unit
  • Unusual noises (squeaks, clicking, banging, etc.)
  • Water leaking from the AC unit
  • The unit is 18 years old or older
  • Antiquated refrigerant (R22)

Generally, any deviations from the normal functioning of your system should prompt you to request AC repair services. If you do not, more than likely your system will consume more electricity and the repairs may cost more as well. At Wayne J. Pisanchyn Inc Plumbing & Heating, you will always find someone ready to receive your call 24/7 and set up an appointment to provide the services you need. 

AC repair in progress: a technician is using special tools to check the outside unit. Here is the job performed by AC repair contractors: a technician at work fixing the outside unit. One moment of air conditioning repair process: techician, outside unit, and tools.

How Much Does Professional AC Repair Cost?

Although we understand your need to know the AC repair cost before scheduling the service, providing accurate numbers without first identifying the problem with your air conditioning is impossible. It is one thing to clean or replace filters or unclog a condensate drain line, and a completely different thing to refill refrigerant or repair refrigerant leaks. 

The final AC repair cost will depend on the nature of the issue, the necessary parts, materials, and tools, and the amount of workmanship involved. That is why the first step to assessing costs is to identify the source of the malfunction. However, you can be sure that if you choose us as your AC repair contractor, we will inform you of all the costs involved and do everything we can to get you up and running. 

AC repair services in progress: a technician is working with the outside unit using proper tools Such checking can be performed for more accurate AC repair cost estimation.

Your Quest for “AC Repair Near Me” Ends with Us

Searching online for “home AC repair near me” may seem like a great way to find the services you need. However, Google does not measure service quality or reliability. If you want the best service, contact Wayne J. Pisanchyn Inc. Plumbing & Heating. 

Many of our clients from Clarks Summit, Scranton, and other parts of Lackawanna County reached out to us after searching online for “air conditioning repair near me”. They never regretted their decision, as our technicians repaired their systems promptly and with appropriate costs. 

We can help you too! Call us at (570) 563-1699 or send us an email. We will ensure that your days of searching online for AC repair near me are over and will do our best to help your system running flawlessly again. 

  • Phones are answered 24/7 by somebody. You never get a machine
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  • We have received “Best Plumber” awards in many of the local media outlets-year after year
  • We are here to serve you, in Northeast Pennsylvania

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EXCELLENT. Five stars. I recommend Wayne J. Pisanchyn for ALL of your plumbing and heating needs.
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New to the area, called for an issue with my washer/dryer connections. They responded quickly, made the fix and made everything easy on me.
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The best around.
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Great service
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